My inspiration and motivation part-7

During the treatment, one special method of therapy, was my favorite. Reciter club where we read poems from many different authors. Mostly Slovenian but also some foreign. In this fast world we are living, we forget the things that we actually like. Here in Slovenia we have a saying ˝Far from the eyes, far from the heart˝. And it is true. I didn’t take time to read poems although I loved it during my schooldays. In few months of treatment, I read a lot of poems and enjoyed every minute of doing that. Part of healing program is also that patients once a week read poems in front of whole hospital staff and other patients. When it was my turn for the first time I approached differently. Although we had many books of poetry, I chose a song of my favorite Slovenian rock group Mi2.

For many years my most loved song is Brez obžalovanj (No regrets). Through the treatment this song came on my mind for many times and I was thinking about lyrics a lot. That is why I chose it for my first performance. Lyrics can be interpreted in ˝gambling˝ way.


Group: Mi2

Author of lyrics: Tone Kregar

No regrets

When it was the last time you went wrong

Believing, you were right?

When did you with the best intensions

Blinded, lied and cheat?

Repay all debt and interest

For every taken step.

No regrets.

At the crossroads of dreams,

No lamentations,

At the crossroads of dreams.

When was the last time you gritted your teeth,

Instead of screaming?

When you raised your hands too quickly

And surrendered in advance?

Spit on the devils, extinguish the bush,

Get off the ground.

No regrets.

At the crossroads of dreams,

No lamentations,

At the crossroads of dreams.

But sometimes, you can admit,

You pull yourself inward,

You let the moss outgrow your eyes,

And for a moment you just die.

When you don’t know what to do next,

And you don’t believe in new times,

Hold on and take care of yourself…

No regrets.

At the crossroads of dreams,

No lamentations,

At the crossroads of dreams.

Magnificent, magnificent and once more, magnificent. I am internally grateful for this song. It saved my life.

Minljivost del-15

SSKJ: minljívost -i ž (í) lastnost, značilnost minljivega: minljivost lepega minljívost -i ž dejstvo, da kaj v določenem času preneha obstajati bívanje -a s (í) b) minljivost človeškega bivanja; pojem bivanja; ekspr. to ni življenje, ampak samo bivanje nèpovrátnost -i ž (ȅ-ā)nepovrnljivost: minljivost in nepovratnost časa / knjiž. izgubiti se v nepovratnost pozémski -a -o prid. (ẹ̑)knjiž. ki je na zemlji, ki pripada zemeljski stvarnosti: pozemske dobrote, težave; pozemska sreča / ekspr. on je čisto pozemski človek / v krščanstvu pozemsko življenje; sam.: minljivost vsega pozemskega Kaj pa tebi pomeni minljivost? Minljivost življenja?Continue reading “Minljivost del-15”

Anonimni hazarderji del-14

Za skupnost anonimnih hazarderjev sem prvič slišal pred desetimi leti. Znano mi je bilo, da obstajajo skupine za anonimne alkoholike, kaj več pa ne. Ker je moje gemblanje postalo neobvladljivo, sem si proti koncu študija v Ljubljani prvič poiskal pomoč. Na spletu sem našel kontaktno številko, lokacijo sestanka in termin. Zelo dobro se spominjam, kakšneContinue reading “Anonimni hazarderji del-14”

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