What did I replace with my gambling? Part – 12

One of the key tasks in treatment is to discover the causes of addiction. After almost three months of treatment in the hospital, after many therapeutic talks and workshops, I presented my debate topic in front of the whole department entitled “What did I replace with my acting?”. I will share the original with you.Continue reading “What did I replace with my gambling? Part – 12”

Why don’t we talk about problems? Part – 11

During treatment, I found that men find it really difficult to express their emotions. It is hard for them to talk openly about anything. There is no need, because they are fine anyway. It could be worse. There are problems but we will get through somehow. Why would one spent time with friends for talkingContinue reading “Why don’t we talk about problems? Part – 11”

Do you believe in destiny? Part – 10

I have heard many times that our lives unfold as we are destined. That we are born with purpose and reason and that things happen as written in the stars. Things and events are predetermined. Is that really so? An old proverb says: “man is turning and life turns”. What about our free will? Don’tContinue reading “Do you believe in destiny? Part – 10”

Life begins where fear ends part – 8

As Osho, Indian guru and mystic, says, life begins where fear ends. I found his books when I was solving my mental problems. I discovered, that deep inside me I had problems with fear. I didn’t appreciate my choices and I always sought other´s opinions. To me it was always very important what other peopleContinue reading “Life begins where fear ends part – 8”

My inspiration and motivation part-7

During the treatment, one special method of therapy, was my favorite. Reciter club where we read poems from many different authors. Mostly Slovenian but also some foreign. In this fast world we are living, we forget the things that we actually like. Here in Slovenia we have a saying ˝Far from the eyes, far fromContinue reading “My inspiration and motivation part-7”

Basic problems part – 6

After first few weeks of the treatment I got basic insight in my problems. I reconcile with the fact, that addiction was controlling my life. During this period, I accepted many compromises that were inevitable because of hiding the truth, running away from real feelings and because of creating false ego. I wasn’t capable ofContinue reading “Basic problems part – 6”

Desire? It´s familiar to me part – 5

First work I had to do in the treatment, was writing a biography. I had to describe my feelings, experiences, important events in my life, fears, disappointments and desires. It is important that you remember your childhood. That you find your first memories and feelings about them. I had big troubles with finding my firstContinue reading “Desire? It´s familiar to me part – 5”

New rules – part 2

Nurse on the department accepted me kindly and relaxed. I had to fill in obligation papers. They checked my health insurance (in Slovenia treatment of gambling addiction is included in basic health insurance). I wasn’t really listening to instructions she gave to me. I got schedule of activities, rules of behavior and she accompanied meContinue reading “New rules – part 2”